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We know words Yin, Yang and Qi (Chi), but not everybody understands their mining.


Traditional Chinese medicine uses concepts of Yin, Yang and Qi for explanation of different body structures and functions. To create a visual for this explanation, picture the human body as a balloon. The outer layer of the balloon correlates to Yin in the body. The helium inside the balloon, which propels the balloon, correlates to Qi. Yang is simply a warmth that everyone has to maintain.


To maintain proper Yin, people can drink certain herbal decoctions, take Flax Seed or Fish Oil supplements. To support Yang, can eat different foods with warm properties as honey, ginseng or use a heating device.


The real mystery comes with Qi because Qi is intangible. It cannot be seen, felt or measured but it can be used as a diagnostic tool in Traditional Chinese medicine. The most common problems with Qi present themselves in the forms of weakness (lack of Qi), nervousness (stagnation of Qi) and pain or discomfort (damaged Qi), In many cases it can present itself as a combination of symptoms.


Qi can escape and "leak" though damaged Yin (picture balloon with holes). An example of such a phenomenon is menopause.


Free flow of Qi can be compromised by excessive coldness (picture the mentioned above balloon in the winter cold) or excessive heat (picture ready to blast balloon).


It is often said that all disease comes from stress. Stress can be harmful to Qi and stress can cause Good Qi to become Damaged. This Qi acts like dynamite in the body. Damaged Qi tends to destroy any tissue in the body via its harmful energy and must be kept to a minimum.


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